Playing Dangerously

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by Katee I have been in bed much of this week, nursing a cold, reading, and maybe eating some Halloween candy.  I read an article that I wanted to share with everyone about risky play and ‘Adventure Playgrounds’.  The article by Hanna Rosin at The Atlantic is titled , The Overprotected Kid. Well the article is quite lengthy and I … Read More

Scenes From the Reuse Center

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By Nora Yesterday during choice time every child was interested in building and experimenting with different materials during choice time. Usually the Reuse Center is for 4 children at a time, but this time I decided to accommodate for 10, under the stipulation that they could each take out 4 materials at a time. They spent the time seeing what … Read More

“The Library is for everybody, right?” -SH

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By Amber Last week we began our exploration and discussion of disability. Some of the children had already been talking about some of these topics at home and were happy to share their knowledge with us! One afternoon CL and EP took me to their special hospital inside the elephant wall that builds wheelchairs and makes prosthetics for people who … Read More

Bigger and Bigger…

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By Alisha Our plan was to build a bridge with modeling clay and different types of wooden craft sticks.  We explored the materials for a long time and while there was some bridge making on a smaller scale, the children decided they wanted to make a larger model than the little sticks allowed. We needed bigger unit blocks, so that … Read More