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Bigger and Bigger…

By Alisha

Our plan was to build a bridge with modeling clay and different types of wooden craft sticks. 1-DSC_0016-001

We explored the materials for a long time and while there was some bridge making on a smaller scale, the children decided they wanted to make a larger model than the little sticks allowed. We needed bigger unit blocks, so that the children could add the towers, suspension cables and walkways that they had been working on with the modeling clay and craft sticks.7-DSC_0025-0012-DSC_0030-001This was the main focus for a long time. Each person made little peices of the bridge and snapped their ideas together. But then they decided they wanted it even bigger…3-DSC_0031-001And bigger…. Continue reading

How to Build a Bridge

By Laura


Today the puppy classroom went on a field trip to the park. They tried to cross the river but discovered that part of the bridge had been washed away. Each puppy gathered a different material which they thought would work to make a bridge.


Yellow puppy tried to use two small sticks. The kids explained why this didn’t work:

“They’re wobbly.”

“And the bridge can’t reach the other side.”

“And they need two more.”

“They end too short.”


So, Orange tried a popsicle stick. There was some discussion of using this as surfboard to ride across the river. But when Orange tried to surf the current carried the puppy back to the same side of the river.

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Robot Tears, Robot Belly Buttons

By Laura

I continued our investigation of robots this week with another small group. I’ve really enjoyed learning children’s ideas about how robots are similar and different form humans, how they interact with people and how they express their emotions. Here are some snippets from our discussion today.


VG: Do you want to see my robot? This is the body. . . . And the head.

Laura: Does your robot have any buttons? Sometimes robots have buttons.

WG: Belly buttons!

Laura: Do robots have belly buttons??

WG: Yes. Sometimes they do.

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Theory Building

By Laura

I wasn’t present for this moment, so, like you, I get to examine these photos with wonder and curiosity. What are SS’s hands doing? Where is SS’s gaze? Can you tell how SS is feeling throughout the sequence? What theories are being built or tested? What is CW learning while watching? How are CW’s feelings changing? Did CW have any predictions?DSC_0002


Peer Connection

By Laura

“Through others we become ourselves.”

-Lev Vygotsky

DSC_0015 DSC_0017 DSC_0016 DSC_0019 DSC_0018 DSC_0021 DSC_0020 DSC_0023 DSC_0022 DSC_0024