Where Will We Be?

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by Katee

Alisha held a circle yesterday to talk to the children about the future.  So many different feelings come from looking toward the future.   The future can often feel scary and unsure because it is hard to imagine.  Change can often feel scary because it seems like your world is unstable in a way, and that you’ll have to brace yourself for enduring the impending shift.

So Alisha printed photos of all the children and taped them to blocks for support.  “Here we all are, on a Tuesday, at Tulip Tree Preschool.”, Alisha said.

Everyone’s family has different schedules in the summer time. Some friends will go to camp here or elsewhere, some friends might stay at home or with family or friends, some families might go on vacation.  Then , in the fall, school will start again and this will look different for different people.  Some friends will be back at Tulip Tree, some friends will move on to kindergarten or another schedule. 



As Alisha held up each block, she called out the name of that individual to let us know their plans for the fall.  “Alisha will be at Tulip Tree, Katee will be at Tulip Tree, Amber and Nora will be at Tulip Tree too.”  The friends graduating moved their block to the space labeled “Kindergarten” and some let us know the name of their new school.  The friends who will otherwise not be returning placed their block in the space labeled “moving on”.

There were many feelings about leaving and about staying among the group.  We assured everyone that Tulip Tree would be here to visit, and that Kindergarten wasn’t too far in the future for those anxious to go.  We will hold this special circle again tomorrow so that all the children get the chance to participate in this imagining of the future.

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  1. What a great community activity. Thanks for helping the kids process the end of the year and the changes to come.

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