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By Nora

The sunny days have been such a treat lately, but the plants are happy to experience a bit of rain today! Some of you may remember helping do some sheet mulching in our garden back in the fall, in the hopes that it would improve the health of our soil. In addition, we have been adding a dry organic fertilizer at the beginning of each month and fish emulsion each time new seeds or starts go in. The extra work has paid off and the plants are looking great! This week we have utilized some of our garden produce in lunch and snack. We have had radish sandwiches twice on freshly baked bread (yum!), lettuce samples, and radish green pesto. Next week we will harvest kale and make some kale chips! Below are some photos of what we have growing in our garden right now… (We also have basil, melon, peppers, and tomatoes sprouting in the windowsill!)

Garlic! The kids have been watching this garlic grow since November. They just keep getting bigger! The garlic jungle is often utilized as a home for the plastic dinos during outdoor play time. We won’t be able to harvest these until mid-summer, but they have been so fun to observe over time.

Snap peas! Though our snap peas are taking their time producing flowers, they just keep getting bigger! We have been watching them grow up and wrap around the trellis. We often have to help redirect them back toward the trellis as they grow.

Kale! We put these in as little starts in April and they have grown a lot. We will be harvesting these soon for kale chips. Yum!

Lettuce! We got to taste some lettuce at snack time this week. Many kids ended up making little lettuce wraps by putting pretzels and apples inside and rolling it up. They kept asking for more and more of it. 

Arugula! We haven’t gotten a chance to taste these yet but they may make an appearance in some pesto at some point as well.




Sunflowers! These sunflowers are supposed to be quite large when they grow up, but for now they are just little sprouts. We will be watching them grow for a while.

Carrots! So many little carrot sprouts. The carrots we planted are so many different colors and we can’t wait to taste them. They will be orange, red, and purple. 

Tomatoes! These tomatoes are the first plants in our hoop house. There will be more to come very soon. The children have really been enjoying sticking their arms in the hoop house from time to time and seeing how warm it is in there. The tomatoes seem to love it!


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