What do you see?

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by Alisha

This morning Katee led a collaborative building activity that required a lot of self control and patience. One by one, each child silently picked out one block and placed it in the circle, making sure it connects to the structure that is already there.

Then, after everyone added a block, we stood up and silently walked around the circle, looking at our structure from all angles.

We even looked at our structure upside down!After all of this, Katee asked, “What did you see?”

Here are some of the responses…

“Light house castle roller coaster.” -KP

“Playroom.” -Gloria

“I have nothing else to say but It’s a cool thing.” -OE

“Ramp place.” -EP

“Thing-a-majig.” -NC

“A bouncy place.” -CL

“Airplane  and a house.” -ASY

“Or a flying house!” -FM

“Professional roller skate place.” -KM

“An aquarium.” -LD

“An ice castle.” LCF

“This side looked like a thing-a-majig and this side looked like an airplane house thing-a-majig.” -SH

What do you see???


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  1. this reminds me of the Montessori presentation of the “Pink tower” is there possibly some inspiration from that in this?

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