WHAT can you DO with a paleta?

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by Alisha

At circle this morning, Katee and I read a book called “What Can You Do With a Paleta?” by Carmen Tafolla. I read the English words and Katee read the same words in Spanish. The book is written from the perspective of a small child. She tells us all about the sounds, smells and colors of her neighborhood. The most exciting thing of all is the sound of the tinkly bell coming from the Paleta wagon. She explains the different colors and flavors of paletas and the asks, “WHAT can you DO with a paleta?”  It turns out there are many things you can do with a paleta including giving yourself a blue mustache. This book inspired the children to make their own pretend paleta wagon complete with a bell and paper paletas. ..

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  1. This must be why she was talking about the Spanish word for popsicle! I’m psyched to see the incorporation of Spanish words into their day. I’d like to advocate for this to be achieved as often possible. Thank you!

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