The Speaking Feather

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By Cheryl

Earlier this week, Laura introduced the “speaking feather”.  This is a tool in support the children as they gain greater understanding of what it means to listen while others are speaking.  This object helps those who need reassurance that he or she will have a turn to speak.  The feather is a visual cue that supports listening skills.   In addition, the novelty of holding the pink feather seems to encourage participation for those who need a ‘nudge’ in this department.  I asked children to share a color of clothing they were wearing before passing the feather to the next person.  Most children did this effortlessly while a few shared favorite colors or something they did earlier in the week.  All responses were great, the point being, the delay of speaking until the feather was in hand.

We will continue using this tool, ensuring all children become familiar with the concept.

Please ask your child about the speaking feather!

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