Thankful For This Community

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By Cheryl

Today there was a real spirit of helping in the preschool.  In addition to the continued vegetable chopping, children helped with snack set- up, with center clean-up and with block hunting.  Including young children in all aspects of the day isn’t always the first thing we adults think of but once we remember how much they can do and how much they enjoy being involved the rewards are great for everyone!

Ujia carries the cheese try to the morning snack table.

Tycho brings sliced pears to the snack table.

Linny sweeping up after a messy project.

Haddie preparing vegetables.

Today during morning circle and before lunch Megan lead us in a rhythmic game in which each child and adult took turns saying what they were thankful for.  The responses were varied and included candy, family members, and excavators.  They were genuine and heartfelt!  So looking forward to sharing with everyone tomorrow night!

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