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By Amber

Today at circle, Katee talked with everyone about steps we can all take to stay healthy at school. This can be a tricky time of year when the cold weather illnesses arrive. We are all in close quarters sharing space and materials so its extra important that we all have reminders on how important it is to wash hands and keep everything clean. We asked the children for a few ideas on how to keep ourselves and our friends from getting sick.
NC: We can carry around a backpack full of medicine and every once in a while eat some so we don’t get sick.

ST: Stay home and rest if you’re sick

EP: Cover your cough!

Katee showed us what she calls a “cough pocket” and we all practiced catching our coughs and sneezes in the crook of our elbows.

EB: Wash your hands!

We then practiced washing our hands in circle together. We got the imaginary soap and scrubbed our hands for 20-30 seconds while singing “Happy Birthday” or “ABC’s”.
Then we rinsed and dried our hands together in our imaginary sinks. We also discussed when we need to wash our hands (after bathroom, before eating, after blowing noses etc.)

We also talked a lot about the types of things that we do that can spread germs (like putting our hands or materials in our mouths, close contact, touching other people’s food or utensils)
Hopefully with a little extra practice and hand washing we can stay healthy this winter!

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