Spring makes me feel magical

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by Alisha

This week we switched it up and Heidi joined us for circle this morning instead of Wednesday morning! For the past couple of music circles we have been writing our very own Tulip Tree springtime song.

Here is part one, which the children wrote a couple of weeks ago-

Daisy’s are falling down

Clouds come together and make rain

Flowers are blooming violets


Spring makes me feel magical

Spring makes me feels dreamy

Spring makes me feel beautiful

la la la la la la la

Today some of the children heard the song for the first time and were excited to add to it.

Here is part two, which the children wrote today!

Butterflies are flying around

Mushrooms are growing and growing

Time to plant a little seed


After we sang it a couple of times, we used handmade instruments to play along.


We look forward to adding even more!

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