Sound Bath

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By Nora

The parent talents just keep flowing! We are so grateful to everyone who has come in and who plans to come in to share a special skill or experience with the kids. They are absolutely loving it and the amount of variety we have in parent talents is so wonderful. Most recently, Antonia came by to play her singing bowls. She has 7 bowls of various sizes, each aligned with a different chakra. The children got all cozy in the pillows and were as still as they could manage while she played some different sounds on the bowls. After she played a sound, she posed a few questions to the group; what do you feel? what do you see? what do you hear? do you see any animals? Some of them said they saw batman flying, purple, rainbow feelings, rainbow sky feelings, rock and roll feelings, the clean up bell, rockin’, and a scorpion head about to sting. Then everyone got to practice playing them! We had so much fun hearing and experiencing the beautiful sounds. Thank you  for sharing such special instruments with us!

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  1. My daughter Antonia is such a caring woman. Love her and so proud of her. Hope they all experience the calm and peace from the sounds. Nana from Wisconsin

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