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By Nora

This week we did a lot of work getting the garden ready for spring. It is finally consistently above freezing and our peas are bursting out of the soil. Our garlic continues to grow and grow. We transplanted our baby tomato plants growing in the windowsill into some bigger containers. We also recently acquired to garden beds that were for Sarah Lu’s family, which means lots more planting space. We dumped plenty of compost into those beds and we are still dreaming up what we will plant in there. I have been getting lots of requests for carrots which is exciting because I have some pretty colorful varieties of carrot seed (orange, purple, and red!) The biggest project of the week was planting the starts that we got from Portland Nursery. We got so many delicious veggies and herbs! Kale, lettuce, arugula, spinach, parsley, thyme, and oregano. I diluted the fish emulsion which the kids were really interested in until they smelled it. They wanted to shake up the gallon of water after I poured the fish emulsion in, but as you can see we had some skeptics. As they took turns holding the jug of water they grimaced at the powerful scent of fish. Some kids still stuck around after they realized the smell, some did not.

For each plant, we found a spot for it where it had enough space and dug a whole. We tested out the depth of our holes by placing the plant container inside our hole and seeing if it fit all the way in. Then we squeezed the sides of the plastic container to loosen it up, and gently took the plant out. We squeezed the roots of the plant to let it know “you don’t have to grow in a square anymore!” Then we planted it and covered the hole in. After all the plants went in I watered each one with some of the fishy water. We are so excited to see them grow!


Another part of our garden work which required a lot of patience and care was that we had to move some of our peas to new spots so that they could reach the trellis’s. This was exciting because we got to see the changes that we normally are unable to see! We got to see how our pea seeds had changed under the soil. Some of them had a pretty extravagant root system growing down from the seed and some just had a simple root pointing straight down. All of them were sprouting stems and leaves as well. We moved them to some new spots where they will be able to grow better!

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