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By Laura

We came away from our weekend of professional development at Helen Gordon Child Development Center with a renewed commitment to creating classroom environments that are beautiful, organized and intentional; ones that nurture what the children are doing and nudge them toward taking a step further or deeper. And so we revamped our studio space into a Natural Materials studio due to their interest in the natural sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy.


And added a permanent message center along the bench due to their ongoing passion for ¬†writing and drawing…


Both of these spaces were used today during our Story Workshop appointment. As well as a new pulley attachment . . . a trap!


Here are a handful of the stories that emerged:

Once my mom’s going to go to my dad’s work and my dad’s going to pick me up. (SS)

It’s about my mom and dad going out to Bill’s house. Then went on an adventure. A lion, a kitty, and a bird. And that’s the end of my story. (AH)


Drawing of the adventure.

These green grow the blue flowers. This is the long pattern and this is the little pattern. (AR)


Short pattern and long pattern.

There was once once old lady who wanted a husband and then one day it snowed and she builded a little snowman. And then the next morning, what do you think she saw? She saw a real man. He was the snowman that she built. And he came back with the snow. (CS)


Start of the snowman.

Once upon a time there were three little sisters. Their names were A, D, and V. They had a Mommy and Daddy. “I want A to have a play date with me this time,” said D. That’s where they live, we’re building a city called African Jungle. That’s where all of us live. (DH)


African Jungle city.

ME and JR played for a long time with the trap and the animals. Far too busy to slow down and dictate the story of their play.








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