Did Someone Say Spicy Work?!

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by Alisha

“Did someone say spicy work?!” OW asked when she overheard Laura telling a parent our plan for the morning.  “Yay!!” she said excitedly as she ran to tell her friends. “Spicy Work, Spicy Work! We are doing Spicy Work!!”

MR and MH2014-03-06s1EA and AR2014-03-06s6

FA and ZE2014-03-06s4CR and ME2014-03-06s2EZ and SS2014-03-06s3OW and AO2014-03-06s5

After spicy work was over, we had ten minutes of free play in which almost every pair continued to work together to pick choices. “I want to be with my partner still!” ME told us. AR continued to check in with EA throughout the morning and AE stuck by OW’s side.  ZE, who normally has a harder time picking a choice by herself, was making suggestions of what she wanted her and FA to do.

During lunch OW said that she had fun but she wished that she could be with her best friend next time. I reminded her that teachers pick partners and that sometimes after spicy work, a person’s partner can become their really good friend. “Yeah, like now CR is my best friend too!” ME told us. CR and ME shared a smile together and continued eating.

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