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By Nora

If you read last week’s blog post you know that we have been having some conversations about how it can be hard for many people in our community to consistently have good food to eat. We have discussed that this could be due to not having a house that has a kitchen, not having enough money to buy food, or living far away from a grocery store. Having delicious healthy food everyday is something that many of us take for granted. The children have been really enthusiastic about helping and supporting others in need in our community. We have done so many cooking projects this year, so the kids are putting that skill to use this week by cooking food for Sisters of the Road. For those of you who don’t know, Sisters of the Road is an nonprofit cafe located downtown which provides meals in a safe, dignified space to anyone who needs. Through this, Sisters aims to create systematic change to end poverty and homelessness. We are inspired by the work they do and are excited to donate to their community night this weekend!

So far this week we have made cookies, and will make frittata this afternoon. Elm house will be making some other treats and dips to send along too. Here are some photos of cookie making.

At least one person in the group realized it was their first time rolling dough into balls with their own hands! Figuring this out made the cookies extra rewarding. I promised them that sometime we could make these cookies for ourselves, but for this week they seemed just as happy to be donating them.

Additionally, we thought it would be nice to send a hand painted card with our food. We wanted to let the people who will be eating our food know who made it and that we care about them!

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