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By Laura

Today another superhero visited our classroom to talk about her work. Emilia, CS’ mama, came in and talked with us about her work helping mothers and families bring new babies into the world. Emilia is a midwife.



Emilia talked with us about the umbilical cord and the placenta and showed us on a dolls how the umbilical cord attaches to the baby’s navel and that the baby fits inside the amniotic sack, inside the uterus.


She brought with her a bag full of tools she uses at a home birth. She showed us her blood pressure cuff and various types of stethoscopes for listening to the heart beat of the babies inside the womb and outside the womb and for listening to the mother’s heartbeat. She also showed us tools she uses to measure the weight of the newborns. As well as the tape measure which is used to measure the length of the babies and the size of the head and chest. Typically a newborn’s head size and chest size are very similar and that’s one indicator of a healthy baby.


DSC_0040She also demonstrated a special tool called a doppler. She applies a special goo to tip of the instrument, places it gently on a person’s chest, and then everyone can hear the person’s heartbeat. We listened to several (quite varied) heartbeats within our own classroom.

2014-03-11The last “tools” that Emilia showed us were her toothbrush, glasses case, toothpaste and dental floss. She explained that babies don’t usually wait until the morning (or typical 9 to 5 business hours) to be born. Sometimes she is called away in the middle of the night (just like comic book superheroes!) and sometimes she has to stay up all night helping a mother who is in labor. She said that she brings along her toothbrush and glasses to help her feel comfortable during those late nights/early mornings. CS asked if she ever borrowed jammies from the people at their homes, but Emilia responded that she usually just wears comfortable clothes when she heads to a birth.

DSC_0046Finally, we talked for a bit about how to care for babies once they have been born. Her daughter, B, is just now starting to eat solid food in addition to nursing. And she demonstrated how she changes B’s diaper and talked about how much sleep she needs. Our circle ended with lots of gentle touches and snuggles for B. Thank you Emilia for being willing to share your work and passion (and baby) with us! DSC_0051


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