All kinds of habitats!

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By Amber

This morning Katee brought out a very special mat she sewed to show the children. Each section of this little mat represents the different habitats that creatures can live in on Earth. The sparkly blue section is for the water (rivers or ocean), the green is land, and the light blue is for the sky!

Katee brought out a bowl of all types of creatures and let the children place the animals in their place on the habitat mat.

For an appointment, the children used clay to create their own bees and habitats.

SH named her bee the “Sweet lovin’ person bee”

SH: Funny love laughing bee (laughs instead of buzzing)

LD named his the “Sweet lovin bee”

Nico: Bog lover Bee (he lives in the mud!)

During circle, Katee sang “The Habitat song”. It’s a VERY catchy and cute tune about all the different habitats we have on Earth. All day it was stuck in our heads and we’ve been singing “Habitat, habitat, have to have a habitat” ever since!

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