Tortuga Marina visits

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By Amber Tulip Tree has a tradition started in 2012 when our teacher Laura came back from Mexico with a friend. Her name is Tortuga Marina (Sea Turtle in Spanish). Each week Tortuga goes home with a child and sees their house, goes on adventures and meets their families! Tortuga comes with a special book with the history of many … Read More

Meeting of the Elders

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by Katee Yesterday I called a meeting of some of our eldest children of the school.  Many of our eldest children are younger siblings, or only children of a family and this role has seemed especially strange to some. It can be hard to keep patience with incoming friends that don’t know the ins and outs of our classroom and … Read More

The science of splash

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By Nora When I announced that there would be a science choice on the choice board yesterday afternoon, I had about 10 children jumping out of their skin excited to be a part of whatever “science” was. At this point I hadn’t said anything about what sort of science experiment we would we be partaking in, but the word “science” … Read More

Late Start Staff Meeting

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by Katee We held our first all-staff meeting this morning. Having a late start to our Wednesdays allows for our two-campus school to get together in one place at one time to discuss larger themes, lenses, and focuses of our entire school.  This meeting was focused on gender and how to approach this topic in early childhood.  The gender spectrum … Read More

Story Notebook

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Many days of the week, one of our choices during Explore Time is “Stories.” If children pick that choice, they can tell a story while a teacher writes it all down in our special story notebook. The stories can be true, from the imagination or a combination of both! Then, at Lunch Circle, we act out each story in a … Read More

“The Library is for everybody, right?” -SH

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By Amber Last week we began our exploration and discussion of disability. Some of the children had already been talking about some of these topics at home and were happy to share their knowledge with us! One afternoon CL and EP took me to their special hospital inside the elephant wall that builds wheelchairs and makes prosthetics for people who … Read More

Trusting the process

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By Nora At a recent staff meeting we read and discussed an essay by Loris Malaguzzi called “Your Image of the Child: Where Teaching Begins”. I have read this essay several times and every time have a new nugget to dissect by the end. The essay discusses the many ways that as teacher-researchers we can facilitate environments where children are … Read More

Welcome Heidi!

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This morning we had our first music circle with Heidi. She brought her guitar, egg shakers and jingle bells. We had so much fun. Each Wednesday, we will record one of the songs Heidi teaches us and post it on our blog for you all to learn with us!

All the ways we play

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-Amber   This school year I am beginning our exploration in our bodies and abilities. Each of our bodies are different and are capable of very different things. As the children grow more able to care for themselves and move around the world it becomes apparent when others are not at the same level. Some of the observations and questions I … Read More