Wishing Caroline Well

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By Katee Today we said farewell to a special friend- Caroline.  The children worked together to make her a card yesterday- painted in watercolor, and filled with wishes.  We talked about what it feels like to move to a new place or new house, and how it feels to leave a familiar home.  The children shared stories of moving and … Read More

Learning about the Accordion.

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by Alisha Yesterday Sarah-Lu joined us at circle with her accordion. She taught us some songs and let everyone have a turn to press the keys and the base notes. We learned about where the sound comes out and about her bellows, which are like her lungs. We look forward to learning about other instruments and tools during Parent Talent … Read More

Guess that smell!

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by Alisha Today we tested our sense of smell. I put different scents in jars wrapped in paper and covered with a mesh top. I used scents that have fairly strong smells. There was ketchup, banana, sunbutter and the soap we use in the bathroom. The soap was the hardest thing to guess and the sunbutter was mistaken for peanut … Read More

Using our senses

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By Amber Lately we have been talking to the children about our different senses. We talked about all the different parts of our faces during circle. The anatomy of our faces was woven into doing clay self portraits as well as talking about the different senses. How do we recognize our friends and family? The children knew they could recognize … Read More

Can We Reuse It?

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By Nora This week in afternoon circle we have been reading the book “What Happens to Our Trash?” By D.J. Ward, and then talking about exactly that! The book explores the topics of landfills, compost, recycling, waste, and reuse. When I first read the title of the book it was met with a chorus of “ew, ew, ew!” , “Trash … Read More

Clay Self Portraits

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by Alisha Today we started our clay self portraits. I asked the children to feel their faces. We felt our cheeks, our chins, our lips, our noses, our ears, our forehead and everywhere in between. I asked, “What part of your face bumps out?” and “What part of your face sinks in?” We talked about how building your self portrait … Read More

All kinds of habitats!

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By Amber This morning Katee brought out a very special mat she sewed to show the children. Each section of this little mat represents the different habitats that creatures can live in on Earth. The sparkly blue section is for the water (rivers or ocean), the green is land, and the light blue is for the sky! Katee brought out … Read More

Snowy Smiles!

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By Nora The snow is providing us with new terrain to teach and play in. Tuesday brought lots of smiles and excitement for our first significant snowfall. Thursday brought more excited energy post-Snow Day! They spent all morning making art with snow, tasting it, touching it, laying in it, and feeling delighted in general in all that the snow brings.