Working with Spring Colors

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By Laurie

Flowers are popping up around our neighborhood, and we all have that Springlike feeling in PDX! As we are working on noticing colors and the natural world, my groups have done some projects in painting with spring colors and the new flowers we are collecting from outside. 

Finger paint helps us to slow down and focus: some on the paint and paper, some on the feeling on paint on our skin, some on the tools (in this case, I provided Q Tips after the initial painting with fingers) making tracks and interesting lines.

Finger painting with this group was an activity that had my cohort asking for paper after paper, engaged and interested. We sat for quite some time, each child having a slightly different experience but the group transfixed by the materials. I love this time of year: the sunlight staying out later in the afternoon, the flowers and trees one by one blooming in our environment. The deep green moss and our friends the birds playing in the trees. I’m looking forward to many more months of noticing along with the children, as the Earth wakes up from winter all around us!

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