Wondering: What is a Rainbow?

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By Laurie

Before the beginning of the school year, I moved our kitchen prism to the west-facing window in the bathroom which catches such beautiful angles of light. This means that while diapering, washing hands and in our daily transitions, many children began observing rainbows dancing across the small bathroom walls, door and floor on days when the sun comes out. The bathroom can be a busy, active place where children are often engaged in watching each other in various stages of potty learning. Bringing in a random element from the natural, outside world to this space has created unexpected moments of stillness, curiosity, and wonderment. With this light play in the bathroom space, we wonder- what is a rainbow? Is it real? Is it part of me? Why is it here sometimes and not others? How does moving my body in space interact with it? Where does it come from?

When I took this photo of ER pausing amidst the activity of the bathroom/ hallway, she had spotted the rainbow for the first time. Silently, she moved her body around it. When she moved to the right, the rainbow disappeared! When she moved to the left, it came back. When she reached out to grab it, her hand became a rainbow.

One Comment on “Wondering: What is a Rainbow?”

  1. I love this! I love the invitation to inquiry and exploration, in contrast to presenting information as though we grown ups know all there is to know.

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