Winter Wonder

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By Megan

Now that the rain clouds have cleared and the temperatures have dropped significantly, it’s beginning to feel a lot like winter! The children can absolutely sense a change in the season. “It’s cold. Santa’s coming soon” said LS the other day. So to begin to celebrate the upcoming official transition into winter I offered a winter themed collage project today. I started this provocation by telling a story about a tree that I saw in a snowy forest on a hike. “I have a tree in my house” said AD. I continued, telling them that I saw red berries on some bushes in the forest and some very sparkly snowflakes. “Have you ever seen snow?” I asked my friends. All of them being under 3 years old, looked back at me with puzzled expressions. The children are constantly reminding me that some many of their experiences are so novel, so new and so full of magic. And that the natural wonders of this world just might be enough to make their whole day extremely special.

Here’s a few photos of some of the collages that we made. We are beginning to work more on representational artwork and materials. 

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  1. I love your work with color matching, and noticing the outside world with the children on a regular basis Megan. Thank you.

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