Winter Gardens

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By Megan

This week Nora, a teacher from Tulip Tree Preschool, came to Elm House to help us talk with the children about gardens. The children were invited to think about what kinds of foods might grow in a garden, to make the shape of that food with their bodies, and got to taste Rosemary and Chives.


Then we took the children outside to plant our winter garden! They helped enrich the soil with compost, dig holes for the broccoli starts and tuck the plants in! This is just the beginning of our winter garden experience, as we will be having weekly appointments with the children to care for and water the garden. Nora will also be visiting Elm House once a month to do garden presentations at circle time.

1-img_2378                                                Tasting rosemary at circle time

1-img_2394 Using tools to help us garden was fun for the children. Here Nora is explaining that we are going to mix in new soil with the old soil so the plants will grow.


We planted broccoli starts!

1-img_2470The children gave the roots of the plants a little gentle squeeze to tell the roots that they will now have a larger area to grow in.

Do you have any winter plants that you love to see growing in a garden, or that you know your children love to eat? Ideas and donations to our winter garden project are welcome! We would love to plant some veggies from seed to witness the process from beginning to end, and also would love some more established starts. 

2 Comments on “Winter Gardens”

  1. I love the look on Max’s face as he reaches for the broccoli start! So interested, focused, happy…

  2. so fun to see the blog again! i thought it had been left by the wayside… lucy looks ready to dig in the dirt!

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