What Makes a Rainbow?

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“I’m making a rainbow” -AD

By Laurie

I’m noticing as I scroll through my photos there are so many images of our kiddos exploring color, drawing circles, and I have a small collection of photographs of children making rainbows. Connecting the drawing that is happening with our light & color work, as well as the exploration that happens with chalk outside and on the stumps, I get very excited to see the children make these connections and create from their world.

“I draws circles.”- Z

“We’re making a rainbow!” -L

Some of your ideas when we opened up thoughts about extending this project work on our parent meeting back in October were:

  • rainbow calm bottles
  • color sorting
  • leaves as thought provocation
  • taste-testing what colors taste like
  • songs about colors
  • sand/ sensory work in different colors

We have tried some of these ideas (leaves, color sorting, etc) and some of them stuck, some of them not yet. I’m wanting to connect this work to our anti-bias focus and conversations about skin color, hair color, and noticing difference beyond noticing color, naming colors, and wondering where color/ rainbows/ light and shadow come from. Next steps for me will be to return to introducing skin color and hair color swatches in our group time, perhaps with mirrors, and getting a conversation going. Thinking about the rainbow as a color spectrum, I’m also thinking that this time of year is a wonderful season to notice the range of browns in our natural world. We can connect that, too, to conversations about skin tone and eye color, hair, and difference/ similarities.

“We need purple for a rainbow” -E

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