What colors are your eyes?

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By Jackie

Friends in Elm House has been noticing each other’s eye colors for a while, they would looked at each other’s eyes and called out the colors they saw. This Tuesday, me and the second group of after-nap children gathered in the studio around the table and took turns looking into our eyes and identified our eye colors.

This Thursday morning, I gathered a group of friends in the studio in front of a paper up on the wall which said “What are your eye colors”, we took turns looking at each other’s eyes again but this time, we each also went to a mirror and looked at our own eyes. I asked them what was the color of their own eyes. I wrote down their answers on the paper. At the end of the meeting, they each picked a maker and signed their name.









As part of our anti-bias curriculum, I think it’s very important to start the conversation/realization that people comes with different size, shapes, and colors. It can be as small as eye colors or as big as skin tones.

I am glad I was able to get the ball rolling this week.

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