The Spider Project

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By Jackie

I would say one of the favorite of ours is definitely  the itsy bitsy spider.  It is such a fun song where the lyrics are easy to remember and you get to hand gestures to go with the singing. We also have many books about spider in Elm House library.

As we were playing with play dough this Tuesday, one of the children was humming the itsy bitsy spider, so I asked my group of friends if they want to make spiders using play dough. All of us got very excited about the idea.

First I pull a picture of a spider on my phone and showed it to my group

We looked at the picture closely, identifying the body parts of the–spider, head, body, and legs!

I helped them with the spider’s head and body, then, I offered them cut up pipe cleaners and suggested that they can use it as legs, and they can bend them however they like to.

They all get to work right away.

I was very impressed and amazed by how focus they all were! This is THEIR idea, they took great pride in this project. So proud and so fun!

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