That plant is a baby?

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by Mage

The nasturtium seeds have sprouted, and all of the toddlers are becoming very curious about our new plants! Recently, I have seen the children wanting to interact with the plants, as they bring toys over to the planter box, and reach down into the wire to touch the plants with their fingers.

The other day, I saw Emil and Luca D. standing side by side at the planter.

Luca: I’m touching the plants.

Mage: Plants need gentleness, just like the worms need gentleness.

Emil: Yeah.

Emil and Luca walked to the other half of the planter.

Emil: I see lots of plants.

Luca: I see ants. Ants.

Sen walked up to the planter and pointed at the plants.

Sen: Baby. Baby.

Sen stuck a finger in the wire and poked a plant.

Mage: That plant is a baby?

Sen nodded his head.

Emil: Lots of plants! 1, 2, 3, 11, 13

He pointed successively at the plants.


Now the children are watering the plants, helping them grow. It has become a group learning experience of nurturing life, learning about sustenance, gentleness, and also cooperation as we work together to fill up watering cans, buckets, pots, anything that will hold water.


Do you grow plants with your family? Does your child help tend the plants?

2 Comments on “That plant is a baby?”

  1. Yes we are growing a lot. From seed we talked about planting seeds and that baby plants we be coming. Now they are sprouting we talk about baby plants as we know babies need gentle touch. We also love watering the garden Tim so see what happened in the garden Since the last watering. Looking forward to veggies being ready to harvest together!!

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