Teamwork Train

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by Megan

Earlier today while we were playing outside, there was a large group of children gathering around the red wooden stool.  It was starting to get pretty busy and voices were getting louder, so I moved closer to see what the children were up to. As I arrived ZP fell off of the end of the stool onto the grassy ground.

After checking in with him he said “I need space. This is a train!”

As we teachers sometimes do, I made a suggestion “maybe you could move to the bottom step where there’s some empty seats, some more space?”

ZP took my suggestion and he sat in front of IC.

IC protested this move with a moment of crying and then “I need space. crowded!!!”

As I could see my suggestion was a failure in the situation, I admitted to the group “My idea didn’t work out, moving to the lower step felt to crowded for the kids up top. How else could we build the train? Maybe with a box?” I suggested.

ZP ran to gather a cardboard box and added it as another car to our train game. Sitting proudly in his box, perhaps ZP inspired other children to help continue to build the train. GW spied the balance beam and started dragging it over to provide more seating.

“I make a drivers seat” said GW. With a little coaching, lots of imagination and their independence skills the children created something fun together.




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