Soap Dispenser Painting

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by Mage

This morning I took a group of children to the studio to paint, using soap dispensers to dispense tempera paint mixed with water. We had never tried this activity before, and I thought it would help the children to practice with soap dispensers more. Also, I only had two dispensers, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to practice turn taking. It ended up being more than that!


What surprised me was that rather than taking turns, the two older children volunteered to help the two younger children with the dispensers. They offered to pump the dispensers for them, and periodically asked if they needed more. I was so proud of how far the children have come with their helping and mentoring, as they offered to do this without me prompting them. I simply pointed out that the younger children might need more paint, and then the older children offered to help.

Mage: It looks like C could use more paint.

S: I can help! Here you go, C.

Mage: I wonder if G needs more paint, too. Do you need more paint, G?

G: Yeah.

F: I can help you, G!!