Sensorial Exploration with Pumpkins

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by Megan

This week we started exploring pumpkins. What are they? Where did they come from? Do you have one at your house? Did you see a pumpkin in the store? As well as, what does the pumpkin feel like? What shape is it? The children’s curiosity about pumpkins is fascinating and so much fun. They notice so many aspects of new objects, weight, color, shape, texture and enjoy exploring what these qualities mean into relation to them. “It heavy” as a child lifts a pumpkin out of soapy water. “It’s orange, my mom likes orange” as they scrub the pumpkins tender skin.

We spent some explore time this week in the mornings scrubbing the dirt off of the pumpkins. The warm water, the bubbly soap and the unique shapes of the pumpkins engaged the children in this activity for quite a while! Work like this in the sensory bins engages all of a child’s senses, which is so vital for holistic development.

Do you have a pumpkin you would like to share with Elm House? Our annual Pumpkin Patch trip is coming up this Saturday! 

We plan to open pumpkins and do more sensory exploration work next week! 

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