Sandbox Surprises

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by Megan

Late last week we got a delivery of beach sand for our sandbox. The day before the sand was delivered we re-opened the sandbox after a few wet months of closure. We took down the perimeter fence and lifted off the tarps. The children jumped in with glee and immediately started to notice some creatures that had been living in the protected habitat all winter. ZP noticed a spider web blowing in the breeze on the side of the box “the spider was sleeping in it home! Wake up!” he exclaimed. Many children found worms crawling around “they live on stumps” said SM as she returned the worms to the stumps where we usually find them. This showed me that in the past few months the children have gained so much understanding about where certain creatures live in our backyard, and it was really impressive to me that they thought to return the worms to the stumps, the children’s perceived place where they live. 

We also discovered that the ants had made the corners of the sandbox a small refuge. Lines and lines of ants crawled out of our newly reclaimed activity area. We will be talking more about animal homes an animals “waking up” and changing as part of an emergent curriculum in the next couple of months.

ZP discovers a spider web blowing in the wind


MA finds a worm & SM suggests we return the worm to the stumps

We wonder about animals homes, we think about our homes.

Do you have a sandbox at home? Do you prefer natures sandbox i.e. the beach? What value do you find in sand play? 



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