Rain Won’t Stop Us

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by Megan

Rain is coming down, Rain is coming down. 

Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound? 

Does it drip, drip, drip? Or does it pound, pound, pound? 

This simple, yet amazing song presented to us by Heidi, our music specialist has replaced most of our other rain songs. Rain, rain go away-is just not a possibility in our region, and really, where would we be without the wonderful life giving and sustaining rain? Since we all know that children’s perceptions can be formed by the energy and attitude of their caregivers, we intentionally celebrate the change in weather! Since many of us adults are transplants to the PNW, we have our own opinions about the rain, I’m sure, but how great is it, that this is all new to these very young ones?! This is our world, so let’s enjoy it, even if we might get messy.

In both the mornings and afternoons at Elm House, we try and go outside, if even just for a little while. This requires that your child’s gear comes to school each day, and we recommend that you bring in a hat and mittens labeled with their name, that can stay at school.  In the afternoons you can expect your child to spend some time outside rain or shine. With the time change though and the sun setting earlier and earlier, we will be coming in each day by 4:15. Pick up will be inside during these dark and wet months. It’s a good idea to check the Brightwheel app to see where your child will be at pick up and to allow for a few extra minutes to get them dressed to go home in the cold and rain.
























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