Pumpkin fun continued

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By Megan

Over the past couple of weeks, our exploration of pumpkins has continued. We started out a few weeks back with pumpkin washing, which was a big hit. Last week we opened a pumpkin to see what was inside. The children took guesses about what was inside.  One child guessed there were spiders inside, another child guessed there were seeds! The squishy, slimy insides were very interesting to the children and they spent a long time playing with the slippery seeds and guts! The opening of the pumpkin and seed play was a segway into our planting work that we will be doing in the garden next week. We plan to plant some winter cover crops and greens outside, as well as start some seeds inside to observe.

The children also loved painting the pumpkins. The texture of the skin served as an interesting canvas and made some absolutely lovely results. They loved running the larger paint brushes over the skin and stem, creating unique colors with and orange background.

” I paint glitter on a pumpkin” LS             “I use blue” AD

SM watches as LS paints a tiny pumpkin

Happy harvest season to you all! Also, a reminder that we kindly ask you to save Halloween costumes for home.


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