Light and Color Play

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By Laurie

Last week my afternoon group noticed that we have been staying inside sometimes after nap instead of our usual routine of going outside. Now that the sun sets earlier, our last group of children who wake up from nap don’t have time to make it outdoors. The shift in routine has given us an opportunity to explore our changing relationship with our indoor space, in this dark and rainy Autumn season.

When snack was over, children and I gathered around the soft glow of the light table and investigate what we could build, see, hear and discover in some new blocks to the Nest classroom.

After some concentrated play along these lines, the sun had set outside. From there, as children also noticed it was very dark outside and dark in our classroom, it was a natural progression to turn out the overhead lights and to take out some flashlights. I started by seeing what I could do with the prism we had in the room, and then the blocks became involved, the flashlights handed out!

Eventually A second group joined our group and the light/ color exploration grew from there. Our new mix of children discovered combining the flashlights, color blocks and light table together made for an ever-changing kaleidoscope under our hands.

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