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By Jackie


Last week, I started regularly ask friends to help me at lunch time. They took turns to pass out utensils, bow/plates, and cups. The children are very enthusiastic about it and there were always more than one friend who wants to be the helper. So I started to include them during other tasks like cleaning floors, wiping tables, and we always make sure we put some toys away when we move from one space to another.

There are can be as many as 16 children together in Elm House, cleaning the space is a collective effect because there is so much to clean! Including them in our cleaning routine is a great simple way to practice citizenship and opportunities for them to feel appreciated as I always make sure I thank them for their effort.

They have come such a long way in getting use to our daily rhythm to developing friendships with one and other.

So put your little helpers to work this holiday season, and make sure to be generous with your compliments when they do!

Have a great holiday and see you all in 2018!!!!


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