First Walk

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by Megan

The stars aligned today for a neighborhood stroller walk.  With the good weather, a few less children than expected and a neighbors noisy construction project next door-we were inspired to go find where all the beautiful spring blooms that have been showing up in our outdoor classroom were coming from. A leisurely walk around the block searching for, naming, smelling and collecting flowers was so fun for all of us. It’s simple and slow experiences like these that can really unlock some of the pure magic in children who, just as we are, are in complete awe of nature.

Here’s some photos from our adventure around the block

Here’s to a new era of neighborhood walks!

How often do you take walks with your child? Do you have any particularly beautiful or interesting routes? When’s the last time you stopped and smelled the roses (or the jasmine, or the daffodils, or the cherry blossoms) ? 

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