Fall at Elm House

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by Megan

After a very hot summer, fall is suddenly upon us. Fall with our toddlers at Elm House presents all kinds of new opportunities for learning in both our indoor and outdoor classrooms. For example, inside, we have the afternoons to settle into project work in our art studio or explore all the fun we can have in the basement. Our outside environment, becomes a very different place than it was just a few weeks before, quickly transformed by a couple weeks of rain and then sun.

Some things that the toddlers have noticed outside so far this fall…

“The grass here”

“Leaves in the sandbox”

“No flowers” “Raspberries all gone”

“Mint still here”


“The worms back”





What does the change in season mean to you? What do you notice about your child’s reactions to the changing weather, light and temperature?

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