Drawing as a way of communication

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Art plays such a big part in early childhood classrooms. And I am always looking for ways to incorporate art into teaching.

I started asking our friends what did they make after they are done drawing. I saw it as a way for me to communicating with them.

It’s still pretty hard for some of them to grasp questions like ” How are you?”, or ” What did you do in the weekend?” or communicating to us their emotions.
It is also a way to encourage  mindfulness, to be more aware of their actions and thoughts.

And of course, pictures that are just lines or blocks of colors are just as wonderful. Not every painting has to mean something.

So far, I have received some amazing art works and I am looking forward to see how they progress in the future!

Zachary learning about days in the week and recalling what he did in the weekend

This is Leila’s drawing 2 days before she welcomed her baby sister

Maya being Maya!!

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