Creative use of chairs

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by Mage

A little over a month ago, Megan and I bought a set of chairs and a table for the children to use in the backyard. Since the chairs are plastic and a bit unstable, we made an agreement that the chairs are for sitting on only (not for standing on or jumping from). After testing it out themselves, the children now understand why we have the agreement, and so it’s rare that I see them attempt to stand on the chairs these days.

But they also don’t necessarily use the chairs for sitting.

The children have found a variety of creative ways to use the chairs. One thing that consistently surprises and delights me about children is that their minds are so creative and open, they often come up with ideas which would never occur to my adult mind.

Yesterday I saw AD learning about balance by stacking the chairs. ZP watched and then tried it, too. It was tricky!

A little while later, I another creative use of chair. IM told me that these were garages.


I’ve also seen some of the children leaning with their backs against the chairs, holding onto the legs of the chairs as they sit down on the ground between them. I find it intriguing that the children have so many different ideas about the chairs. I feel like I rarely see them sit on these chairs. They would rather incorporate the chairs into other types of play.


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