Caring for our baby plants

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by Megan

A few weeks ago we started the first steps of planting our backyard garden. I love the tradition of starting seeds inside with the children. We can get an up close view of the sprouting of the seeds and are easily able to care for the plants from the very beginning. With all of our work this year with caring for baby dolls, and our younger friends, I decided to frame the planting of the seeds around care of babies. We planted babies (seeds) in their blankets (soil) and set them by the heater (window with sun). We tucked them into their beds made of soil and now have been anxiously waiting for them to wake up! We also have been giving them little drinks of water to help them grow. Talking to the children about how we are in so many ways similar to plants has been really fascinating, as I think they have really made some connections between human care and plant care.


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