A sweet moment

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By Jackie

I am usually with the third lunch group of children on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we hang out in the cubby room when we wait for the second group to finish toileting before we can go, our go to activities are reading and singing.

On this Thursday, I after I gave everyone a book, I saw Z held up his, so I asked :”Z, would you like to read your book to your friends?” He said yes and his friends gathered around him right away.

The book was upside down, but it doesn’t matter. The book was Duck and Goose, how are you feeling and it only has one word about emotions in each page, so it was easy to navigate and they sat through the WHOLE book.

I was touched by this moment and keeping going back to it for the warm and fuzzy feelings that warm my heart.

Friendship for children at this age may look very different since they are still learning about other people’s perspectives, sharing and turning taking don’t always come easily. But they are very much on their way!!!!

It helped me remembered that they are always learning, and how much it meant to them when they knew that they are trusted!

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