Have you filled a bucket today?

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by Alisha Today we read a book at circle called, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?  The book talks about how everyone in the world has an invisible bucket. When our buckets are full, we are happy. When our buckets are empty we are sad. We heard different ways we could fill someones bucket up and also some things that … Read More

Playing Dangerously

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by Katee I have been in bed much of this week, nursing a cold, reading, and maybe eating some Halloween candy.  I read an article that I wanted to share with everyone about risky play and ‘Adventure Playgrounds’.  The article by Hanna Rosin at The Atlantic is titled , The Overprotected Kid. Well the article is quite lengthy and I … Read More

Babies taking care of babies

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A child hugs a doll

by Mage Earlier this week in the Nest, MC noticed a babydoll on the beanbag chair. She approached the doll, gave it a hug and kiss, then noticed a play diaper beside the doll. MC began to put the diaper on the doll, but then abruptly got up and carried the doll over to the table. As MC carried the … Read More

Music Circle

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Heidi visited this morning to sing some songs with us. Here is one of them! We used a big red silk to toss a GIANT oak leaf that we found  yesterday while singing the song. Children also got to go under the red silk to pretend they were mushrooms growing underneath fallen leaves!

Leaves and Costumes!

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by Alisha It’s Halloween! Many children dressed up in costumes from home or school. We had a spooky Halloween dance party where we recreated the time the power went out, drew pictures of our costumes and greeted each child by costume in a song at circle time. But mostly we have been playing in the leaves outside! This week we … Read More

Fall Celebration

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by Katee It was another sunny beautiful fall day here to end a gorgeous school week.  Our fall celebration was full of laughter, cookies, art projects, but mostly running around in the sunshine!  Here are some photos from the day: Happy Autumn Everyone! -Love: Tulip Tree  

Parent Meeting- Consent Work with Children

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by Alisha Last week we had a parent meeting. The purpose of our parent meetings is to give parents an idea of how we develop curriculum throughout the school year. It is also a time for parents to work with teachers in discovering new directions to take our curriculum. Both teaching teams (Amber & Nora, Katee & I) brought project … Read More

Piggy Buckets

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By Amber Last week a few of our TT friends helped me make signs for a new project we are calling the Piggy Bucket.  What do pigs eat? The children looked at a picture of a piglet and guessed grass and plants. Pigs will eat almost anything. They use their noses to dig around in the earth to eat all … Read More

Stories to Tell by Flashlight

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by Katee This afternoon we had a power outage.  Luckily the pizza had already come out of the oven, and luckily we had flashlights and ceiling hooks, and luckily the kids really wanted to have a flashlight dance party anyways! We also took this opportunity to tell some spooky stories.  I had already introduced some of the children to a … Read More

A little zombie, a few ghosts and a bunny

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The past couple of weeks, we have been reading, singing and talking about all things October. Changing leaves and Halloween have been on our minds. We have noticed that lately the children’s stories have become a bit more spooky than usual! ‘Tis the season! Here are some from yesterday-