Happy Love Day!!!!

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by Alisha Today was a super special Valentine’s Day filled with love. Each day the kids have been eager to see what our secret admirer has gifted us. Today our secret admirer left us a note that said, “Clue #1”. We realized that our secret admirer was sending us on a treasure hunt! Everyone was SOOOO excited!! In the end, … Read More

Signs of Spring

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We have been looking out for signs of spring sneaking up on us. On walks, in the commons and even inside our classroom… the signs are everywhere! What signs of spring have you seen??  

Mailing Letters

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By Amber   This morning Katee and I took some of the children on a walk to the post office to deliver some mail. It was a bright beautiful morning to go for a walk and everyone was very excited to get the chance to drop mail into a mailbox. As we got closer to the blue mailbox we realized … Read More

PaJaMa RaMa!

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by Katee The much anticipated Pajama Day has been an exciting success today.  The children entered a darkened classroom set up with little places to hide, a place to cozy up by a little fireplace, and lots of room to show their stuffies around with flashlights.  We read stories, played games, made shadow puppet shows, and sang lots of lullabies.  … Read More

Different Ways to Live

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By Nora We have been working with the theme of houses and homes for a while now. Recently we have been talking about how there are so many different ways to live! Some people live in yurts, tents, trailers, apartments, caves, or castles. Each one is worthy of being called home. Through these conversations I am hoping that the children … Read More

Thoughts about ‘Yes!’

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by Mage We all love it when ‘yes’ is one of a child’s first words, and used abundantly. Some children eventually switch from ‘yes’ to ‘no’ as the go-to word, and I’ve heard a lot of parents grieve about that when it happens. I know that I personally grieve a little bit when this happens, as well. Only recently did … Read More

In my heart!

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by Alisha Today all the children were ready to tell Heidi about our secret admirer and about how much love we have in our classroom. This lead to Heidi singing this song with us!

Secret Admirer

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by Alisha Yesterday something unexpected happened! We got some mail that Amber brought in with our produce delivery! The children were SUPER excited to find out that there was a letter inside! The children made some guesses about who might be our Secret Admirer. Could it be AD, who moved to Guatemala? Could it be Nick,  one of our persona … Read More

Spicy Work

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By Amber Today we did Spicy Work! There are three simple rules: Teachers assign partners Partners must stay together Partners can only move from one activity to another when both agree This can be very challenging for some children. They typically have control over all their own activities and choices. It can be hard to navigate play time when you … Read More

“My Anger Lives in a Bear Cave”

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by Katee Today we played in the clay again- during morning free time and also with a small group during choice time.  I asked the children to think about anger and construct anger monsters in this new medium.  As usual, I started with a small plan and tried to follow the children in their own amazing direction.  SM provoked everyone … Read More