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A child stands on a balance beam while another prepares to stand on it

By Mage Over the past few weeks, some of the children have shown a growing interest in balance. This has been especially seen in the backyard, where the children are making use of the balance beams. Together with teachers, they move and position the beams around the yard, setting them onto other structures such as the stumps or the wooden … Read More

The Nest

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by Alisha At parent night, Debbie Baxter came to tell us all about her project, The Nest Project . This week Debbie has been busy at work creating a nest in our commons. We have been watching and helping a bit as the nest takes its beautiful form. It has been a test of everyone’s patience not to jump right in. … Read More

I do want… I do not want..

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by Alisha   “I still want to play your game. I do want you to chase me. I don’t want you to pull on my clothes or push me if you catch me.” -SM (to VH and ST) “What can we do if we catch you?” -VH “Just stop.”-SM “Okay.” -ST “Okay.” -SM “Chase me!!!!” -SM “I stopped!!” -ST “You … Read More

Furry Friend Visitor

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by Katee We had a very special guest come to our classroom last week. It wasn’t anyone’s parent with a special talent this time- it was a puppy!  Alisha has a close friend with a sweet 3 month old Australian shepherd named Frankie, and asked if they could come for a visit sometime.  They came and sat at circle with … Read More

Photo Booth Dress Up!

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by Alisha This morning we brought out a huge bin of dress up clothes for the children to explore. I was wishing we had a full length mirror until I remembered we have a photo booth on our laptop!! We set up a little table and showed the children how to take photos on a 3 second timer. We also … Read More

Extended explore time

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By Amber On Friday the Tulip Tree teachers had the opportunity to sit in and observe preschool classrooms at another local preschool called Wild Lilac. Seeing other classrooms, materials, environments, children and educators can be incredibly inspiring. It can lead the teachers to wonder about their own classrooms and changes they can implement. We sat in the classes for the … Read More

Safe Landing Zone

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by Mage Lately the kids have become more interested in jumping! The older children will, of course, try to jump off of anything and everything–whether we like it or not. 😉 The younger set are still working on the lift-off, meaning the jumps are more like big steps. Jumping is obviously a form of risky play, and it can also … Read More

Book making and playing music!

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By Amber Parent talent week wrapped up last week and we got to see a lot of very cool skills!     On Friday LG’s dad, Brian and ST’s dad, Shohei brought their music instruments to play a little live show for the children!   Thank you everyone who came to show us your special talents!  

Tulip Tree at Design Week

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By Katee We received a very special invitation this week to participate in Portland Design Week 2018!  One of our amazing parents who works for a local design company is hosting a fun experiment that will be on display there.  The experiment asks a variety of peoples to design a shirt with some knowns and some variables that will be … Read More

Blankets and light projector

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by Mage One of the benefits of having older children visit the Nest in the mornings is that they really scaffold a lot of learning for the younger children. One example that comes to mind is that whenever BS is with the younger group, at nap time he lays down quietly and puts himself to sleep. The younger children, who … Read More