Lunchtime Rituals

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By Nora You may have heard about some of what happens at lunchtime, but in case you were wondering about all of the sounds, songs, and sights associated with lunch at Tulip Tree, here is a run through… Lunch helpers Each day, I have two children selected to be “lunch helpers”. Their job is to set the forks and plates … Read More

Nests and eggs

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by Mage Recently, some of the children found large, painted white rocks in our backyard. They carry these rocks around in their arms, talking about “eggs.” One day, when CG was talking to me about one of these “eggs,” I asked, “What do eggs need?” CG said, “A nest!” “Would you like to build a nest?” I asked. “Yes!”

Nick Wears A Tutu

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by Alisha Yesterday I overheard a group of children talking to each other in the cubby room about their thoughts on boys wearing skirts or dresses. I was surprised to hear that many of the children said that boys can’t wear skirts. One child said that boys can wear skirts. In response, a child said, “No! Boys can’t wear dresses … Read More

More and more talents!

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By Amber Over the last couple weeks TT has had even more amazing parents visit and share their skills with us! Abby, VH’s mom, brought some of her students and screen printing supplies. She made a couple of designs based on the T-shirt ideas that didn’t make it to the Wieden-Kennedy design week. The children chose between “Ask to hold … Read More

The Gift of Song

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by katee Sometimes, on special occasion, I like to write songs with the children.  I’ve learned that the process has to be somewhat swift or it all falls apart and they don’t really have fun with it any longer.  I usually give the children a topic and we just throw out ideas, and knowledge, and feelings that swirl around that … Read More

Screen time

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by Mage As the children at Elm House grow older, they tell us many stories. Stories that they made up on the spot, stories about their lives outside of school–both fiction and non-fiction, and they also tell us stories about what they saw on screens. “Last night I watched a movie!” one child told me, recently. “You watched a movie? … Read More

Heidi Time

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by Katee Heidi taught us how to make duck sounds today and sang to us about spring. We took turns pretending to be little seeds underground, rain, and rainbows.  The little seeds spiraled tight on the ground, while the rain makers shook egg shakers over top of them, and the rainbows twinkled with bells.  Heidi reminded the children to “keep … Read More

Oregon Wild comes to visit

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By Amber This morning we had even MORE special visitors! Oregon Wild came to give share a special presentation about wolves! Our presenter, Maryanne, started by talking about the differences between fairy tale wolves(think big bad wolf) and real life wolves. In real life, wolves are actually very shy and scared of people.     They showed us a plaster … Read More