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By Laura This morning Lesley and Stella brought in a special habitat to share with all of the preschoolers. They took turns guessing what was inside. They guessed birds, monsters, cats, meat eaters, peacocks, alligators, butterflies, and penguins. She revealed the butterfly habitat, told us the story of receiving the caterpillars in the mail and explained how they hatched from … Read More

Spring Cleaning

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By Laura Today at Morning Meeting Cheryl shared a piece of mail that she had received. It was a brochure about National Bike Month–the month of May. She and the preschoolers flipped the calendar page and she introduced the idea of taking care of our bikes in honor of bike month. I was inside with a group mixing some new … Read More

Mornings In The Commons

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By Cheryl   As the weather is changing we are offering an early morning outdoor option.  I’d like to share a few moments from this morning when a small group gathered for some lovely play and exploration.                          

It’s Seamus’s Birthday!

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by Cheryl   Today we celebrated Seamus’s fifth!  Lael (mom) joined us in our lively celebration, sharing small stories including birth in an inflatable tub.  We also  learned that Seamus had an early love of birds and dancing. We continued the celebration with popcorn at lunch – multicolored!  Seamus has talked all year about his desire to stay at school … Read More

Questions For Keren

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by Cheryl   During our circle time today we had a visit from Keren.  She told us the story of her accident and all the things she has learned from the experience.  Keren shared with us that she is grateful she was wearing a helmet and that she plans to make her body more visible when she rides her bike … Read More

A Good Kind of Tired

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By Cheryl As I am working on this blog, all of the afternoon kids are sleeping:     And this: And…   I’m guessing the others are napping at home as well.   Here are just a few images of all that our busy day entailed.     The maiden class trip to Mount Tabor was a smashing success.  Can’t … Read More

From the Playdough Table

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By Laura Linny: I’m making a burrito. I put some blue, blue, blue avocado. Perry: Hey Emi, I’m making pizza. Jadon: Hey Emi, I’m making a burrito, a different kind of burrito that’s flat. Haddie: I’m making a ring. Lois: I’m making a ring. Can I make you a ring? Jadon: This is a pancake. Emi: I’m making sandwiches. Linny: … Read More

Curiosity Bag

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By Laura Today during morning meeting, Cheryl introduced a “curiosity bag.” She told the class that inside was a paper clue about what was going to happen next in our day. She took guesses: MacKenna: I think it’s a paper airplane. Boone: A picture of a happy face. Haddie: A plane. Arly: Maybe a truck? She gave another clue, “It’s … Read More

The Big Mess

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By Laura During morning play time today many children decided that Squiggles the squirrel needed some food. A lot of food. His food consisted of blocks, magnatiles, puzzle pieces, puppets, sponges, dolls and animals. More and more preschoolers used bags and purses to bring him loads of groceries. The small brown table filled up and spilled onto the floor. Soon … Read More