Job Board

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By Cheryl Today as children begin arriving they saw a big table of plants. We explained to children that there was a job that needed to be done – the plants needed watering! As more kids arrived, many were interested in giving the plants their water.  Seamus, Linny, Anna, and Evan watered until the job was done. A lot of … Read More

The Art Studio

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By Cheryl   There are some changes in our classroom.  The furniture in the studio is shifted to divide and define the space.  Our intention is to create an environment that supports more sustained attention when working at tables independently or with groups.  Today some kids chose to use green and yellow colored pencils to represent a beautiful arrangement of … Read More

Stella Turns Four

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By Laura Stella turned four last week and we celebrated at preschool today. Her mom, Lesley, and her baby brother, Ever, joined us this morning to share stories and photos. We learned that one of Stella’s first words was, “Pup!” because she would always see dogs when she went on walks with her family through the neighborhood. Stella loves animals … Read More

Turtle Travels

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By Laura Tortuga Marina came back to school this morning after visiting Boone and Arly. On each day that she returns we spend time at our lunch circle learning about her travels, preferences and sleeping arrangements. Little bits of her personality are revealed each time. Today, the fact that she brushed her teeth before going to bed got a hearty … Read More

Dreaming Big

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by Sarah Lu We began our year with some Big Ideas, something that many Reggio Inspired schools choose to do at the beginning of the year.  Because our school and community were still so new, only starting our second year, we chose Community (a continuing idea from last year) as one of these ideas.   And because our Commons was brand … Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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by Sarah Lu Our Valentine’s Party was fun, sunny, and inspiring.   We started out on a parade with the heart flags the children have been making.  We then had some delicious treats made by parents.  Thank you volunteers!  And finally the kids handed out and received their Valentine cards. Preschoolers obviously delight in making things for the people that they … Read More

Out the Window and to the Park

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By Laura Today we had a fire drill. Each child carefully exited through the window in the play room with the help of the teachers. Once we were all outside and accounted for, we continued on to Clinton Park. The playground equipment was pretty soggy, but we had the park to ourselves. Lots of space for running, climbing and swinging. … Read More

Valentine Excitement

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By Cheryl   Earlier this week, children worked on paintings that would become valentines:   Today some of the painting became flags! The excitement is building – Tuesday’s parade should be really fun!    

Friends, Old and New

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By Cheryl As our preschool year progresses, we are noticing the ever evolving development of friendships between children.  These friendship bonds seem to crop out of past experiences and from common interests.  Others seem to develop circumstantially such as a bond between children who attend school the same day or whose parents trade pick up and drop off duties.  While … Read More

Expanding Our Sense Of Community

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By Cheryl   We have been taking small groups on neighborhood walks once or twice a week as one of the choice time offerings.  Ideas of who we are in the larger community can expand while who we are as part of our school group strengthen.  Today, three hearty souls joined me on a cold, brisk excursion.  We revisited ideas … Read More