The Big Hill

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by Cheryl Today was our weekly park day.  Each time we are at the park, there is a visit to the ‘big hill’.  The space here is so expansive, the children appear quite small in this vast context.  Running up and down, rolling balls, and sliding over and over keep everyone moving.  This is definitely a well loved part of … Read More

Now Tyler is Four

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By Laura Tyler Moon’s mom, Sarasvati, brought in his baby journal and a photo album to share about his life. Sarasvati told us that when Tyler Moon was born he was only four pounds, eleven ounces and could fit inside a shoebox. We learned that Tyler has done a lot of traveling–he has been on sixteen airplanes and has lived … Read More

The Language of Movement

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by Cheryl   As we continue to explore different languages, Sarah-Lu guided an activity that supported the exploration of the language of movement.  She used a book called “Move” showing the movement of different animals.  With each new page the kids tried out the animal movement with their bodies including “swim”, “crawl”, “leap”, and “dive”.  

The Commoms – A Favorite Place

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by Cheryl   Today Sarah-Lu did some video taping of the children, asking them individually, “What is your favorite place?”  As the gentle temperatures and warm sunshine allowed, we spent a great deal of time today in The Commons, which is, undoubtedly, a favorite place. Some children worked on “research” with Laura, using clipboards to record findings: Fishing poles were … Read More

“What is in the jar?

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by Cheryl Today during circle, Laura asked the children if they would like to guess what was in the jar she was holding.  Inside the small jar was a plastic bag with small, brown, round, uniform objects.  Here were some guesses: We had other guesses that included “I think it’s beans.” -Graham “I think they are dirt packets.” -Tycho “I … Read More


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How do you love a place? What is your favorite place?   Where did you spend time when you were growing up? Can you conjure the smell? Can you remember the bones of that place? Where do you return to over and over again? These are some Essential Questions that we are asking ourselves as teachers in our work with … Read More

Hearty Kids and Soggy Chairs

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By Laura Today was a scheduled park day– we offered the walk there as a choice for any child willing to brave the elements. Eight were up for the challenge today. We layered up, putting mittens or socks on our hands to protect them from the cold, and set out. We marched along, singing about ants and commenting on how … Read More

Now Shanti is Three

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By Laura Today, Haio and Bernadette joined us for Shanti’s birthday celebration.We learned that Shanti loved to bounce up and down on a ball as a baby. In fact, the very first time she laughed she was bouncing. When Shanti was one year old, she would wander over to the ice cream vendor at the park and stand in line–all … Read More

Roy’s 4th Birthday Celebration

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By Laura We celebrated Roy’s birthday today with his parents, Kirsten and Mimy. We learned that Roy was born in California and spent a lot of time in the sun and at the beach as a baby. When he was one year old, Roy attended his first baseball game. Some of his friends made the “connection” sign–they have been to … Read More

Exploring Neighborhood Landmarks

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By Cheryl   All week we have offered a small group walk each day.  Today I accompanied Lois, Linny, Seamus, and Evan.  One thing I am really struck by and enjoy on these walks is the way the children are interested in everything around them.  They can stay fixed on something interesting for quite a while, touching, smelling and discussing … Read More