Extended explore time

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By Amber On Friday the Tulip Tree teachers had the opportunity to sit in and observe preschool classrooms at another local preschool called Wild Lilac. Seeing other classrooms, materials, environments, children and educators can be incredibly inspiring. It can lead the teachers to wonder about their own classrooms and changes they can implement. We sat in the classes for the … Read More


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By Nora This week we did a lot of work getting the garden ready for spring. It is finally consistently above freezing and our peas are bursting out of the soil. Our garlic continues to grow and grow. We transplanted our baby tomato plants growing in the windowsill into some bigger containers. We also recently acquired to garden beds that … Read More

Book making and playing music!

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By Amber Parent talent week wrapped up last week and we got to see a lot of very cool skills!     On Friday LG’s dad, Brian and ST’s dad, Shohei brought their music instruments to play a little live show for the children!   Thank you everyone who came to show us your special talents!  

Tulip Tree at Design Week

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By Katee We received a very special invitation this week to participate in Portland Design Week 2018!  One of our amazing parents who works for a local design company is hosting a fun experiment that will be on display there.  The experiment asks a variety of peoples to design a shirt with some knowns and some variables that will be … Read More

Magic Tricks and Hair Cuts

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by Alisha The first day of Family Talent Week, Emil’s mom, Kate, joined us at afternoon circle! She brought with her a bag of special magic tricks. What a fun talent to share with us!     The next day Wendy, Freja’s mom, came to share with us her talent of hair cutting and styling. Wendy and Freja brought a … Read More

Spring makes me feel magical

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by Alisha This week we switched it up and Heidi joined us for circle this morning instead of Wednesday morning! For the past couple of music circles we have been writing our very own Tulip Tree springtime song. Here is part one, which the children wrote a couple of weeks ago- Daisy’s are falling down Clouds come together and make … Read More

Talent Week

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By Amber This week is Talent Week! We will be having some parent visitors sharing their own special talents! Katee opened up circle this morning by asking the children what they thought “talent” meant. LG: Um, if you find something that you think a kid would like and you show it to them and they get really excited to play … Read More

Wishing Caroline Well

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By Katee Today we said farewell to a special friend- Caroline.  The children worked together to make her a card yesterday- painted in watercolor, and filled with wishes.  We talked about what it feels like to move to a new place or new house, and how it feels to leave a familiar home.  The children shared stories of moving and … Read More

Learning about the Accordion.

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by Alisha Yesterday Sarah-Lu joined us at circle with her accordion. She taught us some songs and let everyone have a turn to press the keys and the base notes. We learned about where the sound comes out and about her bellows, which are like her lungs. We look forward to learning about other instruments and tools during Parent Talent … Read More