The Big Silver Moon

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Last week when Heidi came, she taught us a song called “Big Yellow Moon”. She asked us if we would be able to make props for music circle. The children used watercolor, shimmer water color and glitter to make a moon with a sun on the other side. As we sang the song again today, many of the children noted … Read More

Spicy Work

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by Alisha Yesterday we had our first Spicy Work of the year and woah! It was spicy! Spicy Work is a classroom tool we use to nudge connection between children (sometimes those who do not typically play together), to support the use of conflict resolution and negotiation skills, and to provide structured time for dyad (or triad if we have odd … Read More

LD and EP turn 4!

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By Amber We had two friends turn 4 since school started this year. First was LD in the beginning of September and now EP in the beginning of October. At TT we have a birthday tradition of inviting our children’s family to the child’s birthday circle celebration. The child is invited to bring a special item to school to show … Read More

Behind the Camera

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by Katee We take a lot of pictures at school.  Children are so used to being the subject of photographs and usually only rarely get an opportunity to be the photographer themselves.  As much as we’d love to let the children take photos all the time, cameras are a delicate tool and we have gone through a few cameras over … Read More

Reflections on Home

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By Nora This year, we have committed to using anti-bias education as our lens for teaching this year. We have discussed how to see our teaching through this lens, while still weaving in our other two main tenants; the arts and the natural world. At both Elm House and Tulip Tree, there are some budding ideas for teaching about food … Read More

Face Paint Transformation

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by Alisha Last week we were very focused on drawing our own faces on paper and this week we have been drawing on our own faces! Whether we are using it to transform into a “Tiger-Dragon” or to enjoy the sensory experience of drawing on our own skin, face paint is super fun. The past couple of days we have … Read More

Two Eyes, a Nose and a Mouth

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by Alisha We have been working on our drawing self portraits. This is a project we do twice each year. Once at the beginning of the year, and once at the end, along with many other portrait projects in between. We talk about the shape of our facial features and look closely to notice small details we may have not … Read More

Discovering new ways to play

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By Amber If you have come into our classroom you may have noticed some documentation in the hallway showing pictures of the Tulip Tree children enjoying a variety of different activities. When you look closer there are also other people mixed into our community. The purpose of this is to show how we play and also how other people with … Read More

Supporting Rough Play

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by Katee It is a topic that we address each year, and each year is so important to address. Rough play, horseplay, roughhousing – it’s something all little animals do as a part of their development and human children are no exception.  Children learn physical skills from this play including controlling muscle movements, they learn social and emotional skills including … Read More

The grace of a grasshopper

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By Nora “There is a lushness to how the mind works” -Bell Hooks This week I witnessed a lengthy conversation between four children in front of the elephant wall. They had found a small grasshopper and wanted to witness it moving. The grasshopper was very still, and all of the children at some point questioned its aliveness. The conversation, which … Read More