Sound Bath

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By Nora The parent talents just keep flowing! We are so grateful to everyone who has come in and who plans to come in to share a special skill or experience with the kids. They are absolutely loving it and the amount of variety we have in parent talents is so wonderful. Most recently, Antonia came by to play her … Read More

The Nest

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by Alisha At parent night, Debbie Baxter came to tell us all about her project, The Nest Project . This week Debbie has been busy at work creating a nest in our commons. We have been watching and helping a bit as the nest takes its beautiful form. It has been a test of everyone’s patience not to jump right in. … Read More

I do want… I do not want..

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by Alisha   “I still want to play your game. I do want you to chase me. I don’t want you to pull on my clothes or push me if you catch me.” -SM (to VH and ST) “What can we do if we catch you?” -VH “Just stop.”-SM “Okay.” -ST “Okay.” -SM “Chase me!!!!” -SM “I stopped!!” -ST “You … Read More

Furry Friend Visitor

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by Katee We had a very special guest come to our classroom last week. It wasn’t anyone’s parent with a special talent this time- it was a puppy!  Alisha has a close friend with a sweet 3 month old Australian shepherd named Frankie, and asked if they could come for a visit sometime.  They came and sat at circle with … Read More

What do you love about the earth?

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By Nora LW: Outer space LD: Fire NC: That you can dig in the sand for treasure and swim in the water SH: Without the earth we would not be alive VH: Animals DB: That I get to sometimes have weekends with my mom or dad CL: It’s more like something I want to help the earth. There’s a part … Read More

Celebrating Cake!

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Today MH’s mom, Brigit, came to show us something very dear to her heart and family: cake decorating! She told us about all of her different piping bags that make frosting come out in different shapes. She also shared that in her family, they  like to make a cake to celebrate different things. Brigit made a big banana bread cake … Read More

Spring Birthdays

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By Amber This spring we celebrated three birthdays at Tulip Tree. Two of them were our oldest children that celebrated their last preschool birthday while the other was a very first preschool birthday! SH turned 5! She brought along her special bear to share with her classmates and we heard all about the day she was born. We danced to … Read More

Scenes from a sunny morning

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By Nora Today we have been blessed with what is arguably the best weather since last summer. It is making us all smile and want to be outside all day. We have spent very little time indoors today, and even brought one of our inside activities (dress-up) outside this morning!

Photo Booth Dress Up!

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by Alisha This morning we brought out a huge bin of dress up clothes for the children to explore. I was wishing we had a full length mirror until I remembered we have a photo booth on our laptop!! We set up a little table and showed the children how to take photos on a 3 second timer. We also … Read More