Shanti’s Stories

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5/20/13 Once upon a time one day there was a big duz. And the bug duz was big buzz. And the big buzz was a big bumblebee. And there also was Bumblebee Achoo Atoo, and there was another big bumblebee it was named Shanti. The first bumble bee was actually named Laura Bernadette. They play, play, play, play. There also … Read More


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By Laura Today we had a tiny group of seven children and three teachers. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone back at school again soon. During choice time, Keren taught us a two-person game called Sculptor and Clay. One person pretends to be a lump of clay and the other person uses touch and specific verbal directions to shape the … Read More

Lovely Day!

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By Cheryl Sometimes as a teacher ( and maybe as parents too!) we can feel overly responsible for things that occur in the classroom (or home), especially challenges.  I often remind myself (and encourage you to do this as well!) that sometimes, things just ARE. Today was one of those days when I felt surrounded by smiles and children feeling … Read More

Now Lila is Four!

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By Cheryl Today we celebrated Lila’s fourth birthday with special cooking project and a visit from Lila’s parents, Peter and Sarah-Lu. We love these birthday celebrations at school!  One of my favorite parts of the ritual is the reading of the birthday wishes from the card.  All the children work to decorate the card and teachers ask each child for … Read More

The Process of Play

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By the Cheryl   One of the delightful aspects of spending time with children this age is being witness to the way children process learning through their dramatic play.  Lately there is an imaginative play theme that emerges over and over and over again.  Our class is visited by “tooth fairies” almost daily.  It seems the children are becoming aware … Read More

Questions Are Presents!

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by Sarah Lu Questions are presents!  One of the things that I love about the Reggio approach is that there is an ongoing discourse between the teachers, administrators, and directors, about best teaching practices and strategies.  There is a delicious quality to being able to take the time to understand one another, the children, and our work;  instead of beginning … Read More

Shoes, Ananzi, and the Baby Goose

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By Laura Today at circle, Cheryl led a new game about Taking Care of Our Things. We  had a visitor today! Annie, Tycho’s mom, brought three special books from library to read aloud. She read about fireboats, sunflowers and Ananzi the spider. And she even stayed for a few rounds of freeze dance after the stories were finished. Finally, before … Read More

Book Repair

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By Laura This week we have begun to talk about taking care of our things and today we focused on the books in our classroom. There are many ways we take care of our books–cleaning them up off the floor and returning them to book baskets, turning the pages carefully while we read them, and taking turns looking at them … Read More

Willa’s Stories

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4/6/12 Insect flew through the town of Alden. 11/9/11 My car didn’t have anyone on it and when I pushed it off it didn’t catch on fire. A different house caught on fire. It was a modern house. It was a different house. 7/27/11 I was on a boat and there was fire on it. So I pushed off. It … Read More