Seamus’ Stories

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7/26/12 Once upon a time there was ghost and it liked vampires. A vampire came up and said, “Boo!” And then the ghost went, “Aaah!” And then the ghost went “Woooo!” and scared the vampire. And then after the vampire got scared he went “Boo!” And the ghost went, “hu hu.” And then the vampire was like, “Huh? That seems … Read More

Stella’s Stories

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2/3/12 Once upon a time there was a little baby that had to go asleep, but she didn’t want to go to sleep because it was her school day. Then the baby alligator wandered in and sneaked up and bit her leg. And then she cried like, “Wah! You bit me, get out of here.” And then he said, “I … Read More

Ujia’s Stories

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5/27/13 (Wade and Ujia) Once upon a time there was Scooby Doo and his friends an there was a monster next to him and Fred set a trap. The end. Once upon a time Scooby Doo was drinking some lemonade. That’s me because I got lemonade for lunch. And then JD’s friends came over. It was Baba Kitty and Snordle … Read More

Perry’s Stories

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5/20/13 Once upon a time there was a chooter-chatter-chi-chi-cha. So the chooter-chatter-chi-chi-cha was named Chatter-Chew. So Chatter Chew said, “Rrrmplshmra” And then Chatter Chew said, “How now, white cow? How now, black cow! How now, grey cow! How now, brown cow! How now, white-black cow!” And Chatter Chew did a big Bumbleloondarn party. Once Chatter Chew had a wicked idea. … Read More

Evan’s stories

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8/9/12 Once upon a time there was a little boy. And that little boy took karate class. One day a dragon moved into town. It was a mean dragon. The boy saw the dragon and knew how to defeat  him. He used his karate moves. The people said, “Hooray!” to the little boy. The end. 7/12/12 The lion hurt her … Read More

Ujia Is Three!

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by Cheryl Today we celebrated Ujia’s third birthday which was in late November.  We have so many November birthdays that we appreciate everyone’s flexibility in scheduling a day to celebrate the occasion at school. Ujia’s mom Hillary, told us that Ujia was born at home in water.  His middle name, Finch, came from a special event that happened on the … Read More

We Celebrate Willa

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By Laura Today Willa’s mom and brother, Amy and Jonah, joined us to celebrate Willa’s third birthday. The children gathered around the birthday table to watch Willa build her candle ring. Amy told us about Willa’s brave climbing skills and her love for chocolate. After a round of “Happy Birthday” Willa blew out all three lit candles. And it was … Read More

Now, Lois is three.

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By Laura Today is Lois’ birthday. In the morning we had a celebration that will continue this afternoon when Mary Gage comes in to share photos and stories. Lois was presented with her crown and card. Her classmates had many wishes for her including: a new pink chair, an excavator, a phone, a purse, a banana and chocolate cake with … Read More

Thankful For This Community

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By Cheryl Today there was a real spirit of helping in the preschool.  In addition to the continued vegetable chopping, children helped with snack set- up, with center clean-up and with block hunting.  Including young children in all aspects of the day isn’t always the first thing we adults think of but once we remember how much they can do … Read More