Nature Walks

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By Megan Now that the Elm House children are all a bit older and have more endurance, we will be taking small groups on walks around the neighborhood. Our intentions here are to notice the natural worlds wonders, gather natural materials to enhance our curriculum, to chart the growth of new gardens and to connect with the people in our … Read More


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by Mage Over the past two months, I’ve been hearing the children at Elm House use the word friend in a new way. While they are used to referring to each other, as a group, as “the friends,” it wasn’t until about two months ago that I heard some of the children start indicating that someone specific was their friend, … Read More

This Pretty Planet

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by Megan Welcome back from spring break! Coming back from a week away from school, we all noticed new growth in the backyard and in our garden beds. Many of the children who attended Elm House last summer, are starting to remember where the raspberry bushes grow, how we have to be patient with the pea plants, and how it’s … Read More

Sharing Meal Time with Toddlers

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  We have had many requests recently from parents asking for us to expose our daily rhythms and rituals.  Although play is of course a big part of what we do at school, it is the seemingly menial tasks  that take up the majority of our time. Activities such as toileting, eating, sleeping, and getting ready to go outside are … Read More

Clay Play

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By Megan Over the past few months we have been exploring clay with the children. We have appointments in our art studio every morning with a few children where we can really dive into our art experiences.  Not only is clay play an engaging sensory experience for the children, but it’s also a chance to use new vocabulary to describe … Read More

Astronaut Buddies

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by Sarah Lu It started with a car wash… Some friends were intrigued to see Max using his imagination to drive a car through the structure that he was working on… Soon the group of children started building in a different way, with tiling. Max stated that he had built a platform. And then everyone wanted to build one too. … Read More

Naming the fish…And a note about voting

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by Megan Over this past weekend Sarah Lu and her family got us a fish for Elm House. The brilliantly blue colored Betta fish is living in a bowl in the Elm Room, sparking many questions and observations from the children. A quick  internet search about these fish explains their fascinating history and behaviors (did you know that Betta are … Read More

Agreements and what we learn in school

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by Mage Sometimes as a teacher of toddlers, people will ask me what the children I teach learn in school. There is perhaps a cultural idea that many people have about what schools offer, and what learning and education entail. While I see the primary task of toddlerhood as being (to sum it up) connection, attachment, and social-emotional learning skills. … Read More

The hearty garden

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by Megan Last fall the children and their families helped prepare new garden beds to give us some more space for backyard gardening. With the help of Nora, a teacher from Tulip Tree, the children planted Broccoli, Kale and Garlic. After many harsh winter months we went to check on how our garden was doing. After going on a investigative … Read More