shadows and light

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By Jackie Inspired by a lot of the projector/flash lights work by other Elm House teachers, I thought I explore shadows with our Elm House friends. I started  pointing out shadows to them when we have those golden sunny days. Once in the backyard, after I introduced his shadow to him, ZP started saying hi to his shadow, saying:”Hi Z’s … Read More

Sandbox Surprises

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by Megan Late last week we got a delivery of beach sand for our sandbox. The day before the sand was delivered we re-opened the sandbox after a few wet months of closure. We took down the perimeter fence and lifted off the tarps. The children jumped in with glee and immediately started to notice some creatures that had been … Read More

Safe Landing Zone

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by Mage Lately the kids have become more interested in jumping! The older children will, of course, try to jump off of anything and everything–whether we like it or not. đŸ˜‰ The younger set are still working on the lift-off, meaning the jumps are more like big steps. Jumping is obviously a form of risky play, and it can also … Read More

Talking about Taking Turns

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By Laurie The concept of turn taking has been something we have been working on with special focus, especially since the word “mine!” started sweeping through Elm House and subsequent grabbing and pushing in regards to toys. The following is a conversation between myself and some of our older children, who worked together to set up an imaginary firefighter game. … Read More

Trucks! trucks! trucks!

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By Jackie   This week, outside of Elm House, a construction crew brought their cool construction trucks and tool to the street and carried out a pipe renewal project. This bring a lot of excitement to Elm House! We already have a few truck enthusiasts here, watching the trucks in action enable them to share their passion with many other … Read More

First Walk

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by Megan The stars aligned today for a neighborhood stroller walk.  With the good weather, a few less children than expected and a neighbors noisy construction project next door-we were inspired to go find where all the beautiful spring blooms that have been showing up in our outdoor classroom were coming from. A leisurely walk around the block searching for, … Read More

Blankets and light projector

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by Mage One of the benefits of having older children visit the Nest in the mornings is that they really scaffold a lot of learning for the younger children. One example that comes to mind is that whenever BS is with the younger group, at nap time he lays down quietly and puts himself to sleep. The younger children, who … Read More

More bathroom self-care

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by Mage The youngest group of children have always done a lot of self-care in the bathroom, and lately that self-care has gone even further. It’s pretty impressive for children who are still under the age of two by several months. These children have always done standing diaper changes at school. Sometimes they would assist with pulling their pants down/up … Read More

Have you heard about the Blue Monster?

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By Laurie There’s a little rumor going around that there is a Blue Monster living in the Tiny Elm House in our outside play space. Legend (among the children) tells that this monster, though very very small, is quite scary… but has a sweet tooth! Our monster LOVES cupcakes! And Birthday cake! And cookies! (with sprinkles of course!)