Fall at Elm House

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by Megan After a very hot summer, fall is suddenly upon us. Fall with our toddlers at Elm House presents all kinds of new opportunities for learning in both our indoor and outdoor classrooms. For example, inside, we have the afternoons to settle into project work in our art studio or explore all the fun we can have in the … Read More

Cup experiments and surprises

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by Mage On Friday I set up a provocation with some paper cups on the table in the Nest. I put either a ball or an egg shaker under each cup, and I envisioned this provocation  as an experiment for the children in object permanence, with an added element of surprise so the children could build theories about what would … Read More

Wondering: What is a Rainbow?

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By Laurie Before the beginning of the school year, I moved our kitchen prism to the west-facing window in the bathroom which catches such beautiful angles of light. This means that while diapering, washing hands and in our daily transitions, many children began observing rainbows dancing across the small bathroom walls, door and floor on days when the sun comes … Read More

Meal Time Routines and Learning

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Co-written by Megan and Mage In this blog, Megan and Mage will describe what meal time routines and learning around eating typically look like at Elm House. Megan: Meal times at Elm House are some of our most important. most messy, sweetest and connected times during the day for learning within a group setting. Our Elm House “elders” as, we … Read More

Attachment & Stopping by to say hello

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by Megan In August we said goodbye to many friends who had been with us here at Elm House for one or two years. Many of these children moved up to our preschool classrooms, so we knew it wasn’t a “forever” goodbye with them, but when would we see them again we wondered? Our goodbye circle for children moving on … Read More

Mentors past and present

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by Mage This week we’ve had a few of the nest cohort out, and so some of the older children have been visiting in the morning. Today as I observed CG helping HB with his shoes in the cubby room, I was reminded of children in the previous year who had taken on mentoring roles. I wrote a blog about this … Read More

Late Start Staff Meeting

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by Katee We held our first all-staff meeting this morning. Having a late start to our Wednesdays allows for our two-campus school to get together in one place at one time to discuss larger themes, lenses, and focuses of our entire school.  This meeting was focused on gender and how to approach this topic in early childhood.  The gender spectrum … Read More

Revisiting old themes in a new year

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three toddlers ascend a set of stairs

by Mage Elm House opened last week to begin our third year, and in some ways, it feels like going back to the first year. That’s because in our first year, we started with a group of children who were all two and under, and in our second year, many of those children grew up with us. Now Elm House … Read More