Wind exploration

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We have had some windy days since fall. We watched how the trees wave from our windows; we thrown leaves and watch them fly down in the backyard. Laurie brought some ribbon rings to school and watching their movements has been one of our favorite activities.                 So, together, we started to notice … Read More

Reflections on children’s reflections

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by Mage Observing children interact with mirrors can be fascinating, because their perceptions of what a mirror is and their understanding of their own reflection seems to change slowly over time. None of us were born with the ability to recognize our own image in a mirror the first time we looked. Lacan believed that humans can recognize their own … Read More

Cooking for Others, Toddler Edition

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by Megan Last week we continued to follow our threads of learning about homes and food security with the toddlers, by baking sweets and cooking savory foods for the Sisters of the Road Cafe. Sisters of the Road is a cafe downtown that is open to anyone that provides a safe environment to eat a nourishing meal at a very … Read More

A Week of Creativity

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By Laurie It was quite a week of creativity, sensory play, introducing new and interesting materials (glue! ice!), and getting messy, sticky, painty in order to try something out. Let’s take a scroll through some of what we did!

Drawing as a way of communication

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By Jackie                           Art plays such a big part in early childhood classrooms. And I am always looking for ways to incorporate art into teaching. I started asking our friends what did they make after they are done drawing. I saw it as a way for me to … Read More


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by Mage Lately I have noticed that some of the children a very interested in dresses. The children will regularly bring scarves to me and ask me to help them “make a dress,” which essentially means tying the scarf around their chests, with the knot either in front or back, or hanging loose from their necks. I thought that this … Read More

Sunset Stories

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By Laurie This Autumn we were noticing some of the storytelling our children were doing around rainbows, what color is, the nature of light (is it alive? what creates light and shadow? what is in me, and outside of me?) and where rainbows come from. I’ve been interested in keeping that spirit of inquiry going, and listening for what stories … Read More

A sweet moment

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By Jackie I am usually with the third lunch group of children on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we hang out in the cubby room when we wait for the second group to finish toileting before we can go, our go to activities are reading and singing. On this Thursday, I after I gave everyone a book, I saw Z held up … Read More


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By Megan Connecting the children to nature is one of my passions in the classroom. They are so curious about natural objects and given the opportunity to work with them show a lot of interest and concentration. Today we painted with brightly colored paints, using a beautiful dried branch as our canvas. Large art projects like this are also great … Read More

Helping hand

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By Jackie   Last week, I started regularly ask friends to help me at lunch time. They took turns to pass out utensils, bow/plates, and cups. The children are very enthusiastic about it and there were always more than one friend who wants to be the helper. So I started to include them during other tasks like cleaning floors, wiping … Read More