Winter Wonder

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By Megan Now that the rain clouds have cleared and the temperatures have dropped significantly, it’s beginning to feel a lot like winter! The children can absolutely sense a change in the season. “It’s cold. Santa’s coming soon” said LS the other day. So to begin to celebrate the upcoming official transition into winter I offered a winter themed collage … Read More

What Makes a Rainbow?

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By Laurie I’m noticing as I scroll through my photos there are so many images of our kiddos exploring color, drawing circles, and I have a small collection of photographs of children making rainbows. Connecting the drawing that is happening with our light & color work, as well as the exploration that happens with chalk outside and on the stumps, … Read More

Flashlights and tunnels

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by Mage In continuation of our light studies, the children are now using flashlights in the basement. I brought out the tunnel as well, as I wondered if there would be interesting interactions between children using the flashlights. Here are some photos of what that activity looked like.

Light and Color Play

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By Laurie Last week my afternoon group noticed that we have been staying inside sometimes after nap instead of our usual routine of going outside. Now that the sun sets earlier, our last group of children who wake up from nap don’t have time to make it outdoors. The shift in routine has given us an opportunity to explore our … Read More

Body painting, v.2017

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by Mage Body painting has become something of a tradition at Elm House for the youngest children. I offer this activity to all of the youngest children, and to some of the older children if they have interest. I usually make the children’s first paint experience at school one that involves their whole body. That means clothes come off, butcher … Read More

Rain Won’t Stop Us

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by Megan Rain is coming down, Rain is coming down.  Do you hear the sound? Do you hear the sound?  Does it drip, drip, drip? Or does it pound, pound, pound?  This simple, yet amazing song presented to us by Heidi, our music specialist has replaced most of our other rain songs. Rain, rain go away-is just not a possibility … Read More

Babies taking care of babies

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A child hugs a doll

by Mage Earlier this week in the Nest, MC noticed a babydoll on the beanbag chair. She approached the doll, gave it a hug and kiss, then noticed a play diaper beside the doll. MC began to put the diaper on the doll, but then abruptly got up and carried the doll over to the table. As MC carried the … Read More

Pumpkin fun continued

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By Megan Over the past couple of weeks, our exploration of pumpkins has continued. We started out a few weeks back with pumpkin washing, which was a big hit. Last week we opened a pumpkin to see what was inside. The children took guesses about what was inside.  One child guessed there were spiders inside, another child guessed there were … Read More

Connecting Through Music

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By Laurie When our school year kicked off, it was clear that language was going to be an opportunity to explore difference, family culture, and our shared experiences with this group of toddlers, families and teachers. Our group of Spanish, French and Chinese speaking teachers and children as well as our kiddos who aren’t yet speaking (and everywhere in-between!) means … Read More

Sensorial Exploration with Pumpkins

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by Megan This week we started exploring pumpkins. What are they? Where did they come from? Do you have one at your house? Did you see a pumpkin in the store? As well as, what does the pumpkin feel like? What shape is it? The children’s curiosity about pumpkins is fascinating and so much fun. They notice so many aspects … Read More